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          (The diagram comes my factory to purchase a product for the American businessman)
          NanPiMingZhu Mercury Switch Company specialises in producing the mercury switches ,which has 20-year producing experience,10million fixed assets,taking up 6000squre meters.There are about 1000 staffs,including 2engineers,10 advanced engineers.We obtained the national
          swtich series

          professional certificate in1992,provincial examination certificate in 1989,the national certificate of quality in 1993,;Trusted goods :recommended by the Cangzhou Consumer Association in 1995,the latest potent certificate in 2001.There are products about 130 kinds .The merits of the switches made mechanically is long-living,low price,especially the 101,102,105 types which are used as the burglar alarm,sudden illness alarm , sleepy alarm apparatus, child music toy,textile engine bed.When the mercury swtich tilts ,reaching your wanting angle ,it can work immediately with the electricity .。

            This kind switch is convenient ,easily operating ,low price,and it is an indespendable perfect switch.Moreover we have just developed the anti-roit switch with high electricity and voltage,anti-riot magnitic induction switch with with high electricity and voltage,electricity-control temperature switch.(order different temperature,error1),the reed pipes series,wet reed pipes series products. In order to develop the business,we are prepared to register in Beijing "the Beijing MingZhu Electron CO.LTD.:



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          100% lead to roll bead switch series
          mermury swtich series
          the reed pipes series
          the,wet reed pipes series
          Tele:0317-8851805     Fax:0317-8865288
          cell tele:15133736444   13930737385     E-mail:lax@npmingzhu.com Address:HebeiNanPi South Ring Zhong Road
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